JACO Environmental

Helping Consumers Recycle Appliances Responsibly

JACO Environmental is dedicated to protecting
the environment and preserving the earth's
valuable resources through the art of responsible
appliance recycling.

Started over twenty years ago in Snohomish County,
north of Seattle, Washington, JACO Environmental has
grown to become one of the largest recyclers of
household appliances in the United States. Currently,
JACO is providing appliance recycling services to local and
regional utilities in 28 states (in green) across the country and
recycles over 400,000 units each year. The demand for responsible
appliance recycling is projected to grow and we expect to double the
number of units we recycle within the next ten years.

Through a proven combination of proprietary and non-proprietary equipment
and processes, JACO ensures that over 95% of the components and materials
of the discarded appliance are either recycled for beneficial uses or eliminated
in an environmentally responsible way.  The remaining 5% can then be
productively used as "fluff" to facilitate the decomposition of biodegradable
landfill material.  Our process is so thorough and safe that the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency honored JACO with an International Stratospheric Ozone
Protection Award in 2004 and a Best of the Best award in 2007 on the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol.