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JACO Services

Our core business is our curb-side pick up program which is designed to support our retail partners.

Energy conservation has become one of the most important issues facing us throughout the United States, and in fact, the entire world! Partnership programs with utility companies have developed a unique approach to dispose of older "Energy Hog" refrigerators and freezers. The Department of Energy statistics show that 12-14% of homes have two or more refrigerators and or freezers and over 50% of the second refrigerators are more than 10 years old and use 2 to 3 times more electricity as newer models. Most consumers don’t realize that the money that they spend by buying refrigerated or frozen goods in volume is wasted on the cost of storage.

Many of the existing recycling programs used today usually only deal with the Freon used as a refrigerant and the metals within the unit.

The compressor contains contaminated oils as well as either CFC-12 or CFC -134A. CFC-12 or CFC-134A is evacuated and recycled. The starting device may contain PCB’s that are classified as hazardous waste. All metals are separated and recycled as are the plastics and glass. More importantly, the refrigerator/freezer typically has large amounts of CFC-11 in the foam insulation which needs to be properly recycled rather than land filled.

Therefore, service to our Utility Partners include, but is not limited to:

  • Market Analysis and Cost Proposals
  • Public Relations, advertising and marketing
  • Communication centre for toll-free calling and web based information & registration
  • Design and implementation of customer incentive programs
  • Data Management on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Transportation services with experienced appliance handlers, two person crews.
  • Project Data Reporting and “Live" Real-Time program management

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