JACO Environmental

The JACO Refrigerator Recycling Process

JACO removes the old refrigerator or freezer from the consumer’s home and transports it to our local recycling plant. There, we totally deconstruct the unit and safely dispose of any toxins and ozone-depleting chlorofluoro-carbon gases, called CFC-11, found in the foam insulation.

Through a proven combination of proprietary and non-proprietary equipment and processes, JACO ensures that over 95% of the components and materials of the discarded appliance are either recycled for beneficial uses or eliminated in an environmentally responsible way. The remaining 5% can then be productively used as “fluff” to facilitate the decomposition of biodegradable landfill material.

1) completely evacuated from each appliance. The refrigerants in older units contain ozone-depleting gases. These are separated and sent to a qualified handler. The oils are recycled for other industrial uses.
2) Compressor – Some older refrigerators and freezers have compressors with capacitors containing PCBs. These are sent to a qualified handler for destruction. The compressors are recycled.
3) Refrigerator Panels – The panels are shredded and metals, plastics and foam are separated.
4) Metals and Plastics – In addition to the metal and plastic recovered from the refrigerator panels, interior metal and plastic shelves and bins are removed and recycled. Approximately 150 pounds of metal and 25 pounds of plastic are recovered from each appliance.
5) Glass – Glass shelving is crushed and recycled as aggregate in concrete. Because it is tempered, the glass cannot be mixed with container glass waste streams.
6) Polyurethane Foam Insulation – Many older units have foam insulation that contains ozone-depleting gases, such as CFC-11. The insulation is ground into a fine powder and then heated, capturing the harmful gases. The gases are distilled and purified using a carbon filtration system, then liquefied and shipped to a qualified handler for destruction. The remaining powder is free of CFCs and is recycled into solid foam products.
7) Mercury-Containing Devices – Switches and thermostats that contain mercury are removed and destroyed by a qualified handler.