Refrigerator/Freezer Recycling Rebate Program (Rebate Pickup)
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Utility Power Company NYSEG
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Requirements for Program Participation
1. The refrigerator or freezer must be clean, empty, defrosted, and in working condition.
2. The unit must meet the size requirement which is 10 cu ft - 30 cu ft.
3. You must have an active electric account with NYSEG at the address where you would like us to pick up the refrigerator/freezer.
4. There is a limit of two (2) units per customer address per calendar year.
5. The unit must be a secondary unit for at least 6 months (not the primary refrigerator).
6. An adult, 18 years of age or older, must be present to sign and release the unit at the time of the pickup.
7. The unit needs to be plugged in and running on the day of the pickup.
8. Recycling appliance must be disconnected from waterlines prior to the pickup crew's arrival.
9. You must provide clear and safe access to your appliances for the removal team.
    They will not risk injury or be able to move personal effects or modify your home
    (e.g.: remove door or railings) to remove the unit(s).

Why participation is important to you
1. Old refrigerators and freezers are not bio-degradable.
2. Because of the way appliances have to be recycled, many recycling companies have to charge a fee to pick up and recycle your old appliances.
    When you participate in this program, we pick it up and recycle your old refrigerator or freezer for free.
3. Old refrigerators and freezers typically use two times more electricity than newer models that are being produced today.
    If everybody tries to do their part to conserve energy and to recycle responsibly, this could help manage our energy resources well into the future.

NYSEG Appliance Recycling Rebate Program.

And don't forget, a rebate of $30 will be given to you for your effort in recycling responsibly.

If you have any questions about the recycling program, or if you would like to schedule your pickup date by phone; please feel free to contact our customer service center toll free at 877-691-0021.
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Thank you for your interest in the Pull the Plug program. The program is currently only available to customers in the Halifax Regional Municipality and Cape Breton Regional Municipality. For more information, please contact the Pull the Plug customer service centre at 902-420-3467 or toll free at 1-877-808-4549