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Helping Utilities Succeed

Through years of experience with appliance recycling programs for utilities across the country, JACO Environmental has developed valuable expertise in working with a wide variety of energy clients, including:
  • Large investor-owned utilities
  • Governmental agencies
  • Utilities with large urban populations
  • Utilities serving rural states with smaller populations
  • Coordinated efforts among utilities across a region
  • Multiple state programs

Our comprehensive, turnkey programs provide utilities with a simple solution for out-sourcing appliance recycling. JACO supplies all services including promotion, marketing, appointment scheduling, collection and transportation, appliance recycling, and project reporting. We also supply the following value-added services and benefits:

Market analysis and cost proposal ‑ JACO will analyze the service territory and provide information as to the number of appliances that could be recycled and the projected energy savings and cost.

Quick start ‑ Our average lead-time to start a new appliance recycling program is very rapid. Some programs have been implemented in a matter of a few weeks from project approval to first appliance pick-up.

Incentive program development ‑ JACO will recommend a cash rebate level that will generate the appliance harvest rate desired by our utility partner.

Targeted marketing program ‑ JACO can work in conjunction with the utility or separately to develop a consumer marketing program to build awareness and encourage participation among the utility’s customers. These campaigns can be adapted to match the utility’s branding and key messages.

Reliable results ‑ JACO has shown the consistent ability to meet targeted harvest rates and to maintain excellent customer service even at aggressive appliance harvest rates.

“I manage several energy
efficiency and renewable energy programs and I can say without a doubt that JACO’s programs run the smoothest of all. They are consistently on budget, on schedule and deliver 100% of their expected results.”
— John Hargrove
   Senior Program Manage
   NV Energy (formerly Sierra
   Pacific Power/Nevada Power)
Integrated appointment scheduling and rebate fulfillment ‑ As part of its turnkey package, JACO will provide seamless communication and appointment scheduling for the appliance recycling program. Customers will be able to book with a live operator toll-free by telephone or over the Internet utilizing our web site. Both methods can be adapted so that utility branding is maintained. JACO can also handle all rebate fulfillment for the program.

In-home pick-up and transportation ‑ Appliance pick-up is handled by professional experienced JACO crews. Customers regularly compliment them on their great service.

State-of-the art recycling processes JACO’s line equipment and recycling processes have featured ever-increasing amounts of automation, increased throughput, and materials recycling comprehensiveness.

Comprehensive real-time reporting ‑ Our state-of-the-art database system offers utility partners the ability to see their program results at any point in time, from any location.

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