JACO Environmental

JACO Tracking and Reporting Documents Success

JACO provides comprehensive web tracking and reporting for utility partners to accurately evaluate, measure and report the savings, costs and emission impacts of their appliance recycling program.

Track Each Appliance - Every appliance unit is assigned a bar code with a unique database record number that is tracked from time of appointment scheduling through unit pickup and subsequent unit disassembly and materials disposal.

Access and Reports in Real Time - Utility partners have access to their program data on a real-time basis, from any location. JACO’s propriety program status “dashboard” offers a quick up-to-the-minute overview of program results for managers.

Generate the Reports You Need - The JACO reporting system is completely flexible, offering utility partners the ability to generate reports for any time frame, review the data remotely, export data to pdf format or to Excel, and export data into Powerpoint slides for use in presentations.

“With aggressive efficiency
goals and a tight budget, it's important to keep close tabs on the progress of contracted programs. JACO's real-time tracking website allows project managers to see immediate effects of advertising efforts and monitor overall progress toward unit goals so messaging can be fine tuned to meet goals without going over budget.”
— Lars Henrikson
   Seattle City Light