JACO Environmental

Your Customers are Our Customers

JACO appliance recycling programs allow utilities to forge closer relationships with their customers and to improve overall customer awareness and attitudes about the utility and its services.

Educates and inspires customers to recycle appliances - JACO appliance recycling programs inform customers about the real cost of running older appliances, both in dollars and in cost to the environment. They also provide incentives to ensure that appliances are recycled rather than disposed of in a landfill or passed on to another customer.

Makes it easy for customers - JACO offers a turn-key program, with complete customer service. Our friendly, efficient call center and pick-up staff ensures your customers are well taken care of and come away with a favorable impression of your utility and the program.

Boosts general awareness - A JACO appliance recycling program can be used to increase awareness of your utility and the other customer or energy efficiency programs you offer.

“JACO Environmental has
consistently provided
excellent customer service
to PacifiCorp's customers.
In nearly 50,000 units
retrieved less than one-
tenth of one percent has
resulted in any kind of
customer satisfaction
issue. JACO personnel
have always responded to
any customer concern and
each has been resolved
to everyone's mutual
- Greg Stiles
   Residential DSM
   Program Manager