JACO Environmental

JACO Appliance Recycling Programs Save Energy

Throughout the United States there is a significant presence of working second refrigerators, stand-alone freezers and room air-conditioners. Most of these units are older, inefficient models that use over 50% more electricity than newer Energy Star® models.

JACO offers an effective way to responsibly move these appliances off the grid, resulting in peak demand reduction and annual energy savings. Working with utility partners to educate customers about the benefits of appliance recycling and providing comprehensive appointment scheduling, unit pickup and recycling, JACO's program helps utilities meet their conservation goals. With its extensive experience in the appliance recycling field, JACO can accurately predict the annual harvest rate of appliances in your service area, and your annual energy savings.

“JACO's refrigerator and
freezer recycling program has been an important and cost effective element of Seattle City Light's community conservation program. The 3,749 units collected accounted for a savings of 3.4 million first year kWh in 2009.”
— Lars Henrikson
   Seattle City Light